Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Blogggggggggin and coarse evaluation

This quarter we were encouraged to use the blog as a way to express ourselves as designers as well as learn another form of design communication. That form is called design writing. All in all the blog assignment has been a helpful addition to the design communication syllabus. That is what has been great about des com this quarter. Our teacher forced us into projects that we may not have been completely comfortable with because we were doing things we hadn't necessarily done before. As with anything new it is never easy at first but I believe that as a student it worked to our advantage and made us learn far more then we ever would have learned on our own without the extra push. All together I believe this has been not only one of the most challenging des com studios but also one of the most informative. I have learned many different things this quarter that I am now using on a regular basis. Not many classes can give that to a student in only one corner.

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