Tuesday, August 16, 2011

untitled digital painting

photoshop painting. Experimenting with lighting, mood, and atmosphere. Took about 15 hours to complete

Monday, June 6, 2011

Inspiration boards to inspire...

When creating an image board/ inspiration board there is a duel importance. Not just to provide inspiration for the designer but to provide deeper insight and interest from the viewer.

Athletic Shoe

Shoe Sketches

Complementary Side Table

Dynamic Snowboard Goggles

Snowboard goggle sketches

Headphones Sketches...

Automotive styled headphones, based on Porsche 918 concept car

chair upholstery

Chair frame assembly

final chair crit 6/3/11

Final Chair Crit

Final chair and critique 6/3/11

A level sketches

'A' level sketches are meant to develop the design further by flushing out and narrowing down the multiple ideation sketches to a select few. From there the ideations are developed into more refined drawings called 'A' level drawings.

Chair Ideation

Prior to settling on a design ideation sketches are created... a lot of ideation sketches.

Design #2 features a large piece of bent ply supported by square steal tubing frame/legs.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Chair Concept 1

2 more to come in the next couple days...from there one will be selected to continue on in the process

Creating a Visual Resume

Some may ask, what is the point of creating a visual resume? It is a beneficial exercise for us designers to communicate our experiences and personalities visually to promote a greater understanding for ourselves of who we are as designers. A visual resume is also about providing a new solution to a traditional resume page. It provides a way to separate ourselves as designers from the masses during an interview process by providing a collage of interesting images that inspire and give insight into our lives and experiences in a way that is interesting for whoever is involved on the hiring side of the interview process. The visual resume above expresses a quick but interesting look into the experience of my internship During the summer of 2009 and Winter 0f 2010 at "Spin Master LTD. Toys" in Los Angeles, CA.