Tuesday, October 26, 2010

And The Mid-Quarter Crisis Rears Its Ugly Head Again...

So it seems to me that week five or six of every quarter starts with myself running into a wall at 100 miles an hour. Both emotionally and physically, I feel as if I have nothing left. The farther we get into our college career the more rigorous the criteria gets (obviously). While in past quarters we would have an easy first couple of weeks to acclimate ourselves to the DAAP quarter, this quarter hit the ground running. All cylinders have been firing since day one and last week those cylinders came to a crashing halt. This has happened to me one other time throughout my years in DAAP and I let the feeling consume the rest of the quarter, dragging my grades and myself to an all time low. However, we are here to learn and to grow; not just as designers but as people as well. I know that I have a task to do, and that task is to pick my head up and keep pushing on. When I signed up for DAAP I knew it was always going to be hard, and when the going gets tough it is only I who can decide what to do. I have learned from the past and while I know the going will be tough for a while, I am going to do whatever necessary to push through to the end, and finish strong.

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  1. Hey Mikey, I find that in tough times its really comforting to know that at least we're all in it together. Team bad guys section! Woot woot. Anyways, I like how how you talked about how necessary it is to just push on through that "running into a wall" feeling.